Smart Approved Watermark


IWT is proud of the amount of water KISSS saves. In acknowledgment of these outstanding water saving properties, KISSS holds a  Smart Approved Watermark product accreditation.

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's water saving label for products and services helping to reduce water use. Operated as a not-for-profit organisation supported by Government and industry, the program is the sister scheme to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards(WELS) scheme.  

The Smart Approved Watermark aims to ensure Australia is aware of, and actively engaged in, water conservation by:

  • Identifying and promoting innovative products and services that help conserve water
  • Helping consumers understand often complex water conservation issues
  • Championing innovative solutions for sustainable water use
The Smart Approved WaterMark Technical Expert Panel independently assesses applications of products and services wanting to receive Smart WaterMark accreditation. It comprises six members who are appointed by the Smart WaterMark Steering Committee and an independent Chair.  Water savings must be scientifically and independantly proven before the committee approves accredition for a product. 

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