KISSS and the Residential Garden

KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation provides a sustainable water solution for Australian homeowners, using up to 60% less water than sprinkler systems.

How does KISSS work?

KISSS is the only irrigation system designed specifically for use underground. Laid beneath lawns and garden beds, KISSS matches the capillary action of the soil. Water is moved upwards and outwards to the root zone at the soils natural absorption rate creating a uniform wetting pattern.

KISSS Wetting Pattern

KISSS' intelligent design reduces water logging, run off and tunneling and can be used with potable, recycled or greywater. As no water is wasted, KISSS is the perfect solution for drought-proofing your garden.


KISSS benefits

  • Up to 60% water saving compared to sprinkler irrigation
  • Sub-surface installation reduces maintenance costs
  • A cost-effective way to reduce water use
  • The safest way to use recycled or greywater
  • Continued use of the surface during irrigation
  • Reduced water bills


The Difference Between Sub-surface KISSS and Sub-Surface Drip

Conventional sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) systems discharge water to the soil from emitters regularly spaced along a drip line. Each emitter acts as a point source of water and so the drip line gives rise to a series of circular wetting patterns. Conventional sub-surface irrigation systems are run long enough to wet the driest region of soil.

KISSS matches the capillary action of the soil, creating a controlled and consistent wetting pattern. The KISSS irrigation system saves water by directing water straight to the root zone.

Wetting pattern comparison sub-surface KISSS to sub-surface drip


Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation and Water Technology (IWT) recommends that KISSS is installed by a qualified irrigation expert. KISSS can be self-installed in residential settings by following the KISSS Installation Guidelines:  Residential_Installation_Guidelines Residential_Installation_Guidelines (586.16 KB).

Installation is straight-forward for both retro-fitting (using trenching) into existing lawns and gardens and new ground installation. Correct maintenance ensures that turf recovers after retro fitting.

Retro-fitting KISSS into turf

To maintain your KISSS system, the filter should be cleaned and lines flushed every 6-12 months. Automatic timer valves (if used)will require battery replacement.


What KISSS customers are saying

"IWT made it easy. The Below Flow Flat product was installed 150mm(6") below the turf and this really encouraged the roots to go down and use less water. In fact, after establishment, I have only needed to irrigate once per month so this equates to using only 25mm/sqm/month. Overall I achieved a reduction of 50% of my previous water usage. I would recommend KISSS to any home user."
Bruce Duncan, KISSS customer

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