Golf and the KISSS Solution

KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation is ideal for achieving lush, green farways while conserving water.

How does KISSS Work?

KISSS is the only irrigation system designed specifically for use underground. The patented design has millions of absorption points, which allow water to be dispersed faster and more evenly into the soil.  By directly targeting the root zone, KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation minimises water drainage loss and can distribute fertiliser and aerate soil.  KISSS is also a safer way for recycled water to be used.

KISSS Wetting Pattern



  • The safest way to use recycled water
  • Saves up to 60% more water compared to conventional irrigation systems 
  • Reduced fertiliser costs
  • Continued use of the surface during irrigation
  • Chemical-free inhibition of roots
  • Significant maintenance savings (less damage as it is sub-surface)
  • Reduced labour 
  • A cost-effective way to reduce water use


The Difference Between Sub-surface KISSS and Sub-surface Drip

Conventional subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems discharge water to the soil from emitters spaced at regular intervals along a drip line. Each emitter acts as a point source of water and so the drip line gives rise to a series of circular wetting patterns. Conventional irrigation systems must be run as long as is necessary to wet the driest region of soil and join up the circular wetting patterns.

Wetting pattern comparison sub-surface KISSS to sub-surface drip

KISSS effectively has millions of tiny emitters in every linear metre dispersing water evenly at a rate that matches the soil capillary action. This means that only a minimum volume of water is required to ensure a controlled and uniform wetting pattern and over-wetting is avoided.

KISSS provides an eco-friendly approach to irrigation, discharging water straight to the root zone. The unique design matches the capillary action of the soil moving water at a speed determined by the type of soil.  This innovative approach to sub-surface irrigation creates a controlled and uniform wetting pattern and makes every drop count.


Installation and Maintenance of KISSS Irrigation

Proper installation and ongoing maintenance is crucial to optimising KISSS performance.

While installing KISSS is relatively straight forward for both retro-fitting and new ground installation, Irrigation and Water Technology (IWT) recommends that an irrigation specialist installs the product.